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World Wrestling Championships – Can We Have a Real Standard Bearer Rise Up Please?

Specialist wrestling, for a few years, had become a monopoly as the only major wrestling promotion was the WWE. With this industry monopoly, the copy writers of the promotion looked to put out typically mediocre scripts and fits. With no competition, there was no urgency to put out an item that really captivated the wrestling audience as once before. Even with inter-branding promotions, the degree of scripting and match making still was missing great entertainment value. With wrestling performers such as “The Rock” Dwayne Nicholson and Stone Cold Charlie Austin leaving the industry to pursue Theatrical professions, the wrestling promotion looked to become stale in its presentation. wwe wrestlemania 34 results

Professional play fighting is entertainment and with almost all of the best artists gone, the industry made an appearance to go into a game of hop-scotch. With Triple H, really the only standard-bearer for pro wrestling remaining at the time, generally injured and off the scene frequently, there was a sense of emergency to find someone to fill his shoes. Consequently the decline of the greatness penalized world winner. The title started changing hands about some other month or so. Look at the current roster of the wwe and count up how often times the present top stars have recently been champion. Ric Flair has been champion a list 16 times but in today’s flash in the pan era, that record will be dissolved by a wrestling new ingerir in simply a few brief years. A almost unfamiliar can walk into the business enterprise and become world champ within less than a year, for example Shamus. After only below 2 years in the big leagues he is a 2 time world champ. Ask yourself, if this individual has a career provided that Flair and even Hulk Hogan, how many times is he bound to be champion? Perhaps a 40 time champ.

The match making in professional wrestling in recent years has considered away from the value of a championship main event match. Remember Wrestlemania NI? Imagine the build up of the key event of that match. The ground Heavyweight champion vs Global champion. That had never happened before and the anticipation was off the charts. That match is mentioned even today when the Wrestlemania event is approaching. That type of match should just be appropriated for big events like Wrestlemania and not the weekly Raw or Smackdown show. When matches of this magnitude are over-played, the importance, the anticipations, and the perceived toute-puissance of the winner of this type of match is declined. Keep this match sacred by only presenting it once every several years. This will bring back validity and understanding as to who is indeed a cut above the rest.

The TNA wrestling company is aiding reform the landscape of professional wrestling. With a rival promotion coming into the mainstream of go culture, the writing and match making in the industry has improved but nevertheless needs more improvement. To carry on its’ success, TNA must settle down and find a frequent as a world champion to build the business around. Understood, TNA is a young promotion, but to sustain, an industry standard needs to be established. Kurt Angle is legitimate champion but this individual doesn’t have the panache required to take the company to new heights. Also if it is Kurt, find someone to build around and stick with him. Crowning a new champ every six several weeks is going to get rid of the business fast and again destroys the value of having the title of “Heavyweight Champion of the World. “

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