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Winter Sun Apartment Rentals – Jet Off to La Gomera or La Palma!

If you are searching for winter sun apartment rentals or a holiday break villa rental in Italy in a tranquil setting up then you may well be considering the traditional western Canary Islands of La Gomera or La Gloria. Those visitors from upper Europe who book winter holiday rentals on these islands will find the weather to be a great improvement on the weather at home. Having said that the weather can be variable in the winter months – it can be overcast and warm or even bitter and warm, but temps are usually around the low seventies Fahrenheit. What To Do on La Gomera


In case you book your winter sun apartment accommodations or a vacation villa local rental in Spain on La Gomera you will find that it is merely a short ferry crossing from the neighbouring island of Tenerife. The pace of life is much sluggish on this tranquil island and many visitors come here not for the ocean and sand but escape from it all also to explore the wild and rocky interior of the island. The National Playground of Garajonay, a solid mass of woodland with unique Canarian wildlife and plants, is a great destination to go walking or hiking. Goes biking are available to hire in almost all of the bigger villages and can be an enjoyable way for visitors to get around the cities. 

The main areas where visitors stay in winter holiday rentals on La Gomera include San Sebastian, the capital and La Gomera’s main port, which is often found in the south-east, the Valle Gran Monarca area in the western and Playa Santiago which is near to the only tennis course and the international airport. Winter sun holiday accommodation includes typical Spanish paradores, privately owned holiday rental property rentals in Spain and self-catering winter sun apartment rentals.


La Palma is the perfect place for holidaymakers seeking peace, quiet and beautiful scenery to book winter holiday rentals. The only place which could be described as having ‘mass-tourism’ is Los Cancajos which has water sports facilities as well as music venues and discos. Puerto Naos is a beach resort and has a hotel and some winter sun apartment rentals available. Rural guests accommodation is popular and many visitors spend their holidays in a secretly owned self-catering holiday rental property rental in Spain, away from the crowds and near the environment.

La Palma is a pleasure for both serious backpackers and everyday walkers as well and is known as the best Canary Area for walking a winter walking holiday. Many people choose winter sun apartment rentals in La Gloria as basics from which to explore the attractions of the island including strenuous excursions into the rugged ravines, easy strolls through the green pinus radiata forests or following dope tracks through the old villages of the north. One of the most impressive walks is through the Caldera de Taburiente which is regarded as the most significant erosion crater in the world. There are routes within the Caldera and other walking tracks around the top advantage of the crater and you will even join organised strolls which are made available from services.

So if you are freezing at home why not think about scheduling winter sun apartment renting on one of these lovely islands? Be the envy of your friends and family as you leave the snow and the winter gloom at the rear of and jet off to sunlight! You can find many holiday home renting in Spain to reserve direct with the property owners if you look online by using a key phrase like ‘holiday home lettings Spain’.

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