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Tips for Decorating Your Locker

Designing your locker at institution is a fun way to convey your personal style and creativity. Starting with a clean locker is the best way to commence the decorating process. Get rid of and recycle all the items its not necessary. Taquillas para ferias


Magnets are a great way to hold items in your locker. Crazy or ornamental magnets also make great decorations on their own. Some other magnet ideas include: image magnets, calendar magnets, calculator magnets and more. 


Suspend pictures in your locker room of memories that make you smile. Seeing these pictures during a trip to your locker during the middle of a school day is a sure way to make your day brighter. Make an effort hanging a picture of you with your family or friends. A picture of your pet is yet another excellent locker room decoration.

Souvenirs and Souvenirs

Do you have a napkin from your chosen restaurant or a souvenir you purchased while on getaway? These make perfect locker room decorations.


Hang up posters of your selected music, TV shows and Artist stars. Measure your locker room before buying a cacher to make sure you purchase a size that fits. Consider changing the posters all year round so your locker has a fresh look with each season.


Check your locks after gym class or be sure to don’t have nearly anything in each tooth after lunch break. Locker mirrors are designed with magnets to make sure they are easy to hang your in your locker.

White board

A whiteboard with free of moisture erase markers can help you stay organized. Create yourself notes throughout the day to keep you on job. Remind yourself to bring home certain books to study or you have a paper due the next day.

Air Freshener

Create an unique space with your selected scent. Whether you like vanilla, citrus, floral or any other scent, air fresheners are super easy to come by. The locker would not get a lot of air flow, so the air freshener is a great way to mask the smell of stagnant air.

Knick Knacks

Most lockers will not have a whole lot of space for knick knacks, you could usually find room for just one or two important objects. A packed animal or a plastic material figurine can find a home in your locker room.


Try adding a pop of color with streamers, ribbon or textile pieces. Decorate with your selected colors or show some pride for your classes by decorating your locker room with your school colors.

Off Limits

Decorate your locker with items that won’t leave any long lasting mark. Paint and long lasting makers are off limitations.

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