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The World of Chaos – Organized Medicine + Politics = Health Care Reform

We all used to say the two biggest lies are “The check is in the mail” and “It won’t hurt a little. ” Now, there is a 3 rd biggest lay, which is, “We have the best health attention system in the world, ” as Bill Clinton and George Bush enunciated repeatedly during their individual terms. On the other hand, all of the standard measures of health care quality points to ours as being “the best substandard price-gouging medical care system in the world”. One such measure is an evaluation of cost and longevity. For example, Americans live typically seventy seven years at an expenditure of $4, 800 every head per year, while Spain, Canada and Asia respectively have life span-to-cost ratios of 79 years at $1, 100, 80. 5 years at $2, 100, and 81 years at $2, 000. GlenCare home health aides

One other measure is the newborn death rate per one thousand live births and the U. S. has a rate comparable to 3rd world countries at 6. 9 compared to 5. 3 in Denmark, 4. 6 in Italy, 3. 4 in Laxa, sweden and 3. 2 in Japan. In addition, the World Health Organization positions the United States as 37th on the world, which puts us just behind Costa Rica. 

As a result, you observe that the people of other countries get better outcomes for much less cost, indicating that individuals Americans are paying more for inferior quality products and services. Though President Obama and other politicians acknowledge that health care is too expensive, they appear to be downplaying the fact that organized medicine has recently been giving the population a regal hosing for many years.

Some of the problems with U. S. health care delivery as many other experts have also pointed out are as follows:

Hospitals, nursing homes and clinics are dangerous with medical and medical negligence being the sixth greatest reason behind death in the United States.

Absence of access with seventy six million uninsured (adding illegitimate aliens) and 106 , 000, 000 underinsured;

Uncontrollable cost with health care being 16% of gross domestic product (GDP) at $1 trillion which is a 250% increase over the previous 25 years;

Price gouging, with hospitals and doctors charging uninsured patients 1000% more than they agree to from 3rd party payers;

HMO premium price gouging with high deductibles asking 300% more for people who purchase directly rather than through a group;

Well being care corporations are guilt ridden of bilking vast amounts of us dollars from tax payers with fraudulent billing practices;

Doctors perform unnecessary surgery with bogus diagnoses;

H. Meters. O. members have to call for approval before you go to emergency rooms with call centers outsourced to non-professional personnel in India and other countries;

Management cost of DRG’s and CPT codes is $375 billion per year – 25% of total health care expenditures;

Pharmaceutical companies obtain FDA approval for toxic drugs by paying large research grants to medical research facilities to achieve favorable results;

Pharmaceutical drug companies pay bribes to physicians to prescribe their over-priced toxic drugs with tens of thousands slipping prey to side results.

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