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The Integration of Faith and Politics

The church is God’s community; this is a psychic community of faith with mandate to represent the interest of God on earth. Through this religious community, God wants to talk to the luxurious community. We are to evangelize the city towards God. This is our first assignment to preach repentance. And then illustrate the diakonos and apostolic mandate. Acts6: 1-8. We all are to minister to the whole man, we need to provide life coaching. The only company which has answers for dying world is the church. We are God’ stewards. politics

Stewardship is required within our communities. Who is a steward? A steward is anyone charged with a responsibility to take good care of that is not his or her hence liable to provide a full account of her or his stewardship ” This is necessary that a steward be found faithful”1 corinthians4vs2. Every steward is accountable to the one who appointed him or to his master, in this case a land and its natural or money are God’s property and individuals are God’s creation. Were charged with responsibility and duty whether as political figures, clergymen, community leaders or traditional leadership to Take care of, Develop and Preserve what God has created. 

Two words will repeatedly come out whenever you find the word stewardship in any context, ” Responsibility” and “accountability” We are to preserve the land from spiritual, morally, inexpensive and social corruption and contamination by any means. We are to take care of, develop and preserve the national, social economical, psychic and public affairs and properly manage the countrywide resources, national investments, and national treasury. We have a duty and responsibility to increase the social, cost-effective and moral standards of our communities as cathedral leaders. it’s unfortunate that the church avoided nearly anything which involves community.

Ungodly people corrupt society, Data corruption is really sin and major wickedness which delays the social, political, economical and spiritual progress of a country. If a nation denounces the authority of Goodness and godly principle of governance a seed of decay and erosion of morality, justice, peace, honesty and the worry of God takes place. This kind of will likely lead a nation into a serious social and moral break down beyond human comprehension.


Community leadership is ordained by God and not by man, in line with the book of Romans13: one particular both the government and its citizens has responsibility towards the other person and also towards God as the creator and owner of everything. Every one has to treat national duty and national leadership as holy God is concerned how we rule and how we govern his people, though in society today we may have different sorts of systems but the final account will be given to Goodness. The rule of Our god through Godly leadership by prophets or priest or clergy is called a theocracy.

In any sense man needs to be governed specially when man rejects God Why?, If man is not governed by anything we will face mayhem. 1Timothy1vs8-9 Democracy itself is not a biblical system or order nevertheless the phrase government has repeatedly made an appearance in the scriptures Romans13: 2. While democracy is the work of man through philosophy and national politics, government and authority ids ordained by God. Tale politician Margret Thatcher once admitted in an open public speech that “We simply cannot make it without religion” What she meant was we cannot make it without God; A godless society is an bad society.

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