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Rusk Hair Brushes – Product Review

Rusk is known world-wide as the best in the professional salon industry while offering a full selection and tools for the professional and the clients. All their purpose is to encourage consumers and stylists to use progressive and inventive styling techniques. Bottom range, Rusk designs salon quality products to make you look and feel better. One among their top offering products is the Rusk hair Brush which comes in many types and three lines: แปรงขนทองเหลือง

CTC Hair styling Brushes:
The Rusk CTC Technology Brushes are mixed with ceramic and ti, which produces beautiful results. The brushes come in 4 distinct styles for better styling and performance. CTC? Technology bristles convey . as well as reduce frizz on all locks lengths and textures. These types of four styles are the 7-row hard rubber cushion hair styling brush, 11-row paddle wash, large vent brush, and regular vent brush. 

High temperature Freak:
The Heat Nut brushes feature an progressive ceramic barrel with 3 channels that grip and distribute hair evenly while styling. The ionic brush bristles emit negative ions to seal the cuticle, steady the head of locks and eliminate frizz. The Rusk Heat Freak Game Brush comes in 2″, 2 1/2 “, 3”, 3 1/2 “. The three channels on the brush, grip and deliver the hair evenly while styling for the ultimate convenience and precision. The ceramic barrel and ionic bristles emit negative ions that seal the cuticle, smooth the hair and eliminating frizz.

Da Vinci:
Sam Leonardi, a professional celebrity hairstylist, individuals Rusk to design the perfect styling brushes and that was your birth of the Rusk Da Vinci Collection. They are comfort and ease shaped and balanced with points at top and base for sectioning, raising and styling. The pillow pad is extra-gentle on hair and scalp. These kinds of brushes smooth, straighten and add shine and are well suited for use on any hair. An ergonomically designed assortment of brushes that come in two different styles, nylon pin and porcupine. The porcupines come in medium and large sizes and have high quality boar-hair. The nylon stakes can be found in medium, large and a tiny purse size. These types of brushes are good for anyone and for any hair-care need. They can be used for separating, smoothing, straightening and create volume and shine. These types of brushes are suitable for all hair lengths, types and textures.

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