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Residential Steam Shower – Your Options For Adding A Home Steam Shower

Vapor shower rooms were once limited to some doctor offices and health clubs, but not anymore.

Increasing numbers of people are boosting the look of their bathrooms with residential heavy steam shower units.

The health benefits associated with steam bathing make it a worthwhile investment. Steam Shower Reviews

It’s been known for an extended, long time by many cultures that temperature and steam have beneficial benefits.

There are two options for adding a home steam shower to your bathroom: 

1. you can build your own steam shower enclosure

2. you can buy a self-contained enclosure

Let’s check out both options…

** Generate your Own Steam Housing **

This is certainly the hardest option, but definitely doable. In addition to other tasks, 3 things will need to be done…

Cover it up. The roof of your shower enclosure will have to be protected. You can use an acrylic dome top or a material like fiber glass.

Seal cracks. You will need to seal the enclosure with a special door.

Why these first two steps? Well, you want a home heavy steam shower for its potential benefits, not to destroy your bathroom. If heavy steam is allowed to avoid, it will punish drywall, paint, and wallpaper.

Mount a steam shower electrical generator. This is the center of a steam shower room unit. The steam electrical generator is in charge of cranking away the water vapor (steam).

Unless you have the ability to the necessary skills, you’ll need to work alongside a plumbing technician and electrician to properly build your steam bathe enclosure.

** Buy A Self Contained Enclosure **

Although more expensive than building your own, this choice gives you a ready-made residential steam shower.

Vapor shower enclosures come in four different flavors:

Deluxe steam shower
Combination shower and whirlpool
Combination shower and sauna
No matter which one you choose, your steam shower enclosure will be sealed properly, include a steam generator and mounted controls for all shower settings.

Basic vapor shower units usually include a steam jet, cleaning soap container, and built-in seats.

Deluxe models include far more…

Multiple water massage plane
Hand held shower valve
Foot massagers
Fm radio
Remote control
… plus more.

Luxurious steam shower units include steam outlets with aromatherapy oil distribution capacity.

You are going to literally have a minuscule spa right that you really need bathroom.

There you have it – your alternatives for setting up a residential steam bathtub. It’s not really a cheap investment, so choose carefully. And by all means, if you decide to build your own steam shower room, please do your research and also hire the necessary help!

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