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Rehearsal Dinners – Setting the Tone For the Weekends Festivities

The Weddings ~ After weeks of planning it is finally here. The energy level is at an all time high! A dinner following the wedding rehearsal is a marvellous way to get started the marriage festivities. The celebration normally takes place over a weekend with friends arriving to see their favorite couple tie the knot! It is just a time to spend with family and create new memories to reflect back on permanently. Weddings bring people collectively who have not seen the other person in years. Melamine picnic plates

All of us suggest inviting not only those participating in the wedding, nevertheless, you out of town guests as well. Many have taken the time and traveled to be with you and your family so let them be a part of the evening and get to know others they may have only heard about. Invite the spouses or significant others of the wedding get together. 

Often when the grooms is booking a wedding rehearsal dinner, they often say, “we don’t want to ‘out-do’ the wedding”. The rehearsal dinner sets the tone for the trips and should not eclipse the Wedding Reception, but it does need to have its’ own unique touches. It should be a calming evening with a lot of laughter, toasting and reminiscing about the few, and most importantly fun.

Once the menu is finalized for the response you can plan the rehearsal dinner menu. Make an effort to serve entrees that are very different than what is being served at the reception. If the wedding is black tie up, the rehearsal can be casual. Should you be having a sit-down at the response, consider a buffet for the rehearsal dinner.

Whilst today’s couple’s are incredibly modern, one thing that seems to stay regular is that the majority of the focus of the wedding is on the new bride. We suggest that the rehearsal dinner reflect the groom’s favorite things. Does indeed he enjoy BBQ food? His favorite vegetable is green beans and there is noting fussy in his salad! Dessert – your man loves cake! Be sure that the evening pays attention to his favorite things, since after all, he has picked you to be his wife, you know he has good preference!

There is a great deal of excitement in the air with the ‘Big Day’ less than a day away. Subtle music can be played from a CD or consider a solo guitarist. Pay attention to the lighting – you want your friends to be basking in a warm glow. Stand arrangements can reflect a theme if your evening meal has one. Consider different photographs of you both as a couple in your dating years. Beautiful bouquets and plants can be provided away to people who have been a huge part of your life or have helped you plan your wedding. Of course you may never go wrong with candles.

There are numerous elements involved in making the marriage weekend fun, important and beautiful. Most important it has to run smoothly and be stress free.

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