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Period Drama – A Feast of Historical Romance!

If you value your historical romance fiction you may already be a fan of period drama, however if this is incorrect then let me introduce for this engaging form of entertainment. My Mad Fat Diary

Period Drama – Videos

“I love you, also have. My spouse and i want to marry you, ” confesses William Wallace (Mel Gibson) to his sweetheart, Murron. Braveheart minted success, with its kilted madmen, demure heroines, Scottish royalty, unleashed savagery and heart-wrenching concept of the love and freedom. 

Story-tellers have always re-hashed stories of the past and movie makers will be no different. Why wouldn’t they latch onto these fabulous ready-made stories? Lives of royalty such as Arthur, Holly VIII, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria have the right ingredients to create the screen alight; controversy, love, death, marriage, lust, richness, poverty and tyranny.

Period Drama – Series

Modifications of English Literature and the BBC go side in hand. Classic books; which there were a prolific number in the nineteenth century make for engrossing viewing. Romance and social critiques form a winning combination.

From the demure to the saucy, wicked to the fearless, weird to the smart; we have a colourful kaleidoscope of wonderful characters. Painted with meticulous care by such great authors as Anne Austen, Charles Dickens, At the Gaskell, the Bronte siblings, Daniel Defoe and Bill Thackeray; too many to mention!

Getting to know these characters is a fun affair. Watching the naughty deeds of Moll Flanders and Becky Sharpe (Vanity Fair) is quite spectacular whilst in the opposite arena, of values and good grace, nice Molly Gibson (Wives and Daughters) and Esther Summerson (Bleak House) truly take those cake!

Women with intelligence, wit and style, dogged by the restrictions of their sex but trying their darndest to stay true to themselves and make the best of their situation. We all cheer them along even as take a trip down memory lane; bonnets, petticoats, knickerbockers etc. Rolling inclines, tumbledown mansions, grandeur, lower income and urbanisation are just the right medicine for those craving their historical romance hit!

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