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Page Download Speed Affects Google SEO

A slow website can often lead to a poor user experience, people no longer like to sit around and wait for obese web pages to down load. If the website is portion up large photos, Display intros or excessive design it can turn off your visitors and even cause you to lose customers. As you probably know this is not the ultimate way to treat the customer and apparently now the search engines have realized this out as well. google seo checker tool

Now is the time to be more mindful of these things, as the internet is becoming more competitive those who disregard the changes may be left out in the cold. 

As of The spring 4th of 2010 Yahoo declared that they are going to get started on evaluating webpage speed as part of their search deciding protocol. This means that if your website is maximized in many ways yet your homepage is a 300kb or larger size download, you’re going to be suffering with your Google search engine rankings. If you are currently ranking on the 4th page for a desired keyword will reducing your page download rate in half move you up 1 or 2 pages? This remains to be seen. How much emphasis Google will place on this analysis of speed remains somewhat of a mystery.

Monitor The Page Download Velocity

Yahoo offers an area for website owners that is known as the “Webmasters Tools”. In this area you will see many details about your sites ranking and search results on the search engines. In the webmasters tools areas there is a chart that can be used to analyze and show to your websites download speed. For anyone who is want to track the acceleration of your page downloading this is a great location to go to view the change week by week. Google often is cagey about how precisely their ranking protocol. Though the fact that they are offering a location to monitor your sites down load speed is an indication that this is an important part of customization your site.

According to Google they are really evaluating webpage download speed to create an improved user experience. This kind of is understandable yet it will put certain restraints on people who want to display media on their website. If you have a site and then you’re in a competitive niche will you create a “plain Jane” site that is lacking pictures and graphics? If you would like to be highly competitive you probably will, although how much will this cost in the end? In the event that your site will not properly convey the right justification and visual description, this can become a serious threat to customer transformation and profits

What may this mean for you? Reducing page download accelerate should be something in your concerns as you work to optimize your site. That is obviously wise to twin think hosting your own videos on the front side page and using large image files. Now is the time to be more conscious of these things, as the internet is becoming more competitive those who ignore the changes may be left away in the cold. In the event that you are designing a brand new site these are some things to consider as you plan out your webpages.

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