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My Favorite Morgan Freeman Films of All Time

I usually knew Morgan Freeman was one of my favorite actors, but I got never realized how many incredible films he has been in over the years. There are probably ten films in my all time top forty five that star Morgan Freeman. Whether he is the lead, a supporting acting professional, or simply narrating the storyline, he is always extraordinary.

This post will spotlight my favorite Morgan Freeman movies of all time.

The first film We will mention just so happens to be my favorite film of all time: The Shawshank Payoff. If you have yet to see this absolutely incredible movie, then it should immediately progress to number one on your set of things to do. This is as effective as films get. 

Another movie that he stars by which We thoroughly enjoyed was Revealed. Mr. Freeman plays a blind man to flawlessness in this film, which also stars Jet Li and is directed by Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle.

In the film Lucky Number Slevin, Freeman departs from his normal good guy role and plays an evil mafia boss. In my viewpoint this movie is enormously underrated liking a good switch and bait history, look no further.

We would be remiss not to incorporate a movie in which Morgan Freeman stars as Luscious Fox in the Batman series. I privately liked The Dark night more than Batman Takes place, but both of these movies are awesome.

An additional great film of his is Million Dollar Baby. This is another of my all time offerings, which is the film that finally nabbed Mister. Freeman an Academy Merit for optimum Supporting Professional.

Hopefully there are several films on this listing of Morgan Freeman films you have yet to see, because they are all extraordinary movies that are worthy of seeing.

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