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Movie Review For Surrogates

This really is a dark futuristic view of how the world could possibly become, where everyone has a surrogate, a robot with all the popular features of an individuals, that is handled slightly by the owner, with the owner having all their senses interact with whatever the machine is encountering. The owner lives in a virtual world, where the surrogate lives his or her life for him or her, the plausible justification for it of course would be that the owner is less at risk from disease and infection, as well as any harm to their real body, they can almost go to work, and play, with no worries about their real body, all the fee is taken on the surrogate. become a surrogate mother

From the beginning credits we get launched to the justification for surrogates, with first a machine where a goof controls an arm that contains a nut with just its mind, to people who are paralysed, handling robots to do their daily tasks, and people in the army using surrogates for war without the fear of their real bodies being at risk. 

Soon Congress signs in law surrogates for the employment in every day lives, but since usual there are objectors to this whole idea of surrogates, the key opponent of this is definitely the Prophet played by Ving Rhames (Pulp fiction), who have set up communes where only humans are allowed. We meet our protagonist, an extremely young looking Bruce Willis (12 Monkeys) as Tom Greer along with his partner Peters played by the lovely Radha Mitchell (Pitch Black), who are investigating the murder of a surrogate, but in this situatio, the owner of the surrogate died at the same time the surrogate was destroyed. It turns away that the master of the surrogate is non other than the son of the inventor of surrogates, Canter played by the trustworthy James Cromwell (L. A. Confidential).

It seems a weapon has been developed that not only can destroy surrogates, but can as well end the life of the operator linked to the surrogate. Mary has personally set him or her self the task of actually finding out who killed Canter’s son and getting hold of this lethal weapon, but he has a mountain to ascend to get to the bottom with this, with the head of his division Stone played by Boris Kodjoe (Starship Troopers 3: Marauder), not happy together with his tactics, and Tom him or her self having doubts about the entire idea of surrogates, unlike his wife Maggie enjoyed by the stunning Rosamund Pike (The Libertine), who prefers this new life than some other, and looking at her surrogate and indeed nearly all of the surrogates, you can see why, as they each look young and flawless, there is also a memorable landscape where the real Mary comes into his authorities department and the attendant surrogate looks at him and mutters “you look terrible”.

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