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Mobile Phones Or Cell Phones – When Repairs to Your Mobile Phone Under Warranty Might Not Be Honored

If we like it or not, as modern day users an excellent source of technology, we have all grown very used to the cellphone or cell phone. The cellphone is part of our daily range of “must have” tools that we take along around in our pockets or inside our females handbags everywhere we go. After all, we do are now living in the age of instant communication and the mobile phone is the fact important tool that allows us to keep in touch with the office, to monitor our investments in stocks and shares, to talk with this loved ones, and call for help if we are unfortunate enough to have a car malfunction.

As someone who journeyed often, and since someone who view the use of the mobile phone as completely essential to communicate, We spare no efforts to follow the latest innovations in cellphone technology and the newer models for most major brands. 

Hence, it was during one of my travels to Malaysia that I determined to obtain a newer mobile phone which had the blue tooth technology some years ago when it was initially released. The established “Sony” with the blue tooth technology, as a newer model of a mobile phone, experienced a little footprint, a falling cover that could open to reveal the calling touch pads, was light, and it looked dashing, silvered colored on the casing and just the thing that I needed. Allow alone the cost, it was one of the most recent models at that time, and there was always a sacrifice in more income00 if ever My spouse and i wanted newer technology.

Thus I happily paid by credit card and draped the purchase. Within days and nights I used to be back in Down under and using the mobile phone happily, until just 6 months later, it malfunctioned.

Whenever a more recent cellular phone ever malfunctioned, and especially during its guarantee period, there exists a cause for concern. Newer cellphone technology means a higher price, better technology, more sturdiness, longer battery life and better features, but for this SONY model, there was cause for matter as it was my 3 rd cellphone that I had in use, and it was therefore not constantly in use. Why then got it malfunctioned soon after a short 6 several weeks?

Checking the guarantee credit card that came with the mobile phone revealed that as long as I really could get the mobile mobile phone shipped to the agent that I purchased it from, I could obtain it repaired without charges when it was still under warranty. Actually I could also get service for doing it as long as We could send it to an authorized Sony Assistance Center agent within Quotes itself, but since I used to be going to be in Malaysia again, while it was still within the warrantee period, I picked to give the vendor who sold the mobile phone to me another visit to get it repaired.

The sales agent dutifully noted the facts of the Sony mobile phone, and said when it was one of the newer mobile mobile phones, he would need to deliver it off to the authorized service middle to mend it, and would give us a call as to the position of the repair. Thus I could heave a relief? nternet site thought all things were being taken care off.

In the end, there were a conspicious absence of a phone call from the agent and getting in touch with them, I used to be told the mobile telephone could hardly be repaired free of charge even during its warrantee period!

Right now, if you are a mobile phone user, this rings alarm bells… because when is it a warrantee for an expensive top quality mobile phone is not a warranty?

After all, the Sony mobile mobile phone isn’t a model of electronics and communication technology to be taken lightly- it is an established brand!

“We have made available your mobile phone and we still find it was mouldy inside. Your warrantee is thus voided due to the mildew! “, the agent fixed, probably reading from the report from the approved service center.

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