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Measure Customer Service Needs to Determine How Much is Too Much?

Persons often ask, “What amount of service should we make an effort to provide? Should we give ‘Unbelievable! ‘ service if our customers are not willing to pay for it? inch Human Resources Customer Service Training

My answer is obviously no! You can measure customer service has to set a reasonable level to provide. Don’t go to the moon on service if your business model on the moon phase doesn’t work. No sense “serving yourself to loss of life, ” bending over in the opposite direction but going broke in the process. 

You need to measure customer service costs to determine what level of service your business can provide, and match that with what your customers are inclined to pay.

Take notice: customers rarely put non-reflex limits on their service expectations. That’s why making clear service agreements is essential to you… and your customers.

You have to speak plainly what you guarantee to provide, and what you are not encouraging, too! When you solution customer service ensure that you set in place the limits and evidently define them to keep clients satisfied. The administrator of any local Internet Assistance Provider (ISP) came up to me with this relevant complaint that displays the need to strategy customer service levels:

His staff go into consumers’ homes and offices to install modems and marketing communications software. They train their customers to access new e-mail accounts and browse the internet.

Before his staff can leave, however, office-based customers start asking about unrelated hardware compatibility, new software upgrades and ideas how to fix non-working printers!

Eager home-based customers insist on help setting up new games and termes conseillés, debugging new versions of Windows, even assistance restoring their children’s Nintendo!

His staff’s explanation that, “We are just an Net connection provider, not a computer repair service, very well seem to be to fall after deaf ears. In terms of his customers are concerned, “You are the computer people, and have a computer problem. Given that you are in our home or office… fix it! ”

One look at his brochure reveals the source of the challenge and the need to strategy customer service levels and evidently define them. This reads: “Enter the digital age! Modernize your life! Capture the computer benefit! ”

A lot of glittering aide to buy, but no clear and detailed real estate of the actual service promise. To eliminate the condition, this company must make clear and specify what services they are doing provide… and what services they do not after they measure customer care levels and determine their own parameters.

For example:

We offer A, B and C.

We do not provide X, Y or Z in the conventional service package.

We can organise X, Y and Z . for you at an additional charge, or

We all have associates who can do X, Y and Z. Reliable referrals are provided on request.

Major Learning Point

Take the time to measure customer support value. Then make certain the service agreements you make with your customers and internal partners are complete and clear. Misunderstanding can lead to disappointment once delivery of your service is underway.

Action Actions

Check with your customers and staff. Find out where misunderstanding and arguments arise. Then look tightly at your proposals, deals and service level deals. Wherever uncertainty is found, buy a new tooth brush with accuracy, clarity and understanding. Take the time to measure customer support value and define limits and misunderstandings are less prone to happen.

Note: Don’t use this principle to avoid regularly upgrading your service agreements. With technology you may increase the quality of your service without increasing your costs. (Your competition are working on it now. )

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