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Life Jackets For Kids, US Coast Guard Approved, What Does This Mean?

Once in a swimsuit our three-year old daughter is fearless! She splashes about, chases waves, and titters in pure delight. Your woman holds her nose as she “dunks” herself, then she jumps-up to “surprise” us… a new performance of the peek-a-boo game. While I’m thrilled that she’s spunky, confident and likes to explore, still… I wonder… is the girl safe? As a mother or father I pay attention to too many heartbreaking tales about Moms distracted for only a moment, sometimes sitting at only an arms-length of her child, the child drowns; a horrific accident; a tip that drowning is often silent and un-dramatic. Fast Guard Service LLC

We have a Puddle Jumper strapped around my little girl’s chest (an upgrade of the well-know water-wings or inflatable armbands that keep kids afloat in the water), but is it enough? The Puddle Jumper is a U. S i9000. Coast Guard approved, Type III personal flotation device.? nternet site continue to wonder about my little girl’s safety I become inquisitive, what does “U. S i9000. Coast Guard Approved” imply? This might sound impressive, like a prestigious recommendation. A product that is the owner of this press must indicate that the product is a great one and will, therefore, keep my daughter safe. It was my thinking when I bought the Mess Jumper. 

Great as the word “endorsement” echoed through my mind I was wondering what the term “U. S. Coast Shield Approved” really meant. My personal free-associations to the phrase “endorsement” conjured-up uncomfortable images: political endorsements, that i seldom trust; TV-ads featuring general population figures, or worse, Artist actors endorsing companies services. Yikes! Have I recently been too naive? Have We blindly accepted an “endorsement” put forth by the U. S. Coast Officer? Have I put my daughter at risk?

What Does It Mean: Circumstance. S. Coast Guard Accepted

Who are we to trust as “the expert” about kids and drinking water safety? Who are we to go to as the authority about how mishaps happen and how to prevent them? Who is rightly esteemed and who possesses enough credentials to speak on the serious nature of my matter… the breath-of-life of our kids, our kids, my daughter? I admit, for me the United Areas Coast Guard was the only agency that emerged to mind, but not because I had individually investigated their integrity.

To ease the anxiety that my free-associations were conjuring-up, i. e. my growing distrust about an “endorsement” put forth by the U. S. Coast Safeguard and an “endorsement” generally employed by retailers who sell, and so advertise, the Mess Jumper, I needed to know just what the “endorsement” meant.

I was amazed when I found out that the Coast Guard was willing to point to a “best” life coat. Reading further, however, My spouse and i found that the “best” personal flotation device was described in only a generic way and with conditions attached.

The “best” one, says the Seacoast Guard, is:

The one you’re willing to wear!
The one which saves your life each time it’s needed.
The the one which matches the needs you have!
In the very next paragraph the Coast Officer voiced a vexing problem: “The perfect life preserver, lifejacket, or PFD (personal flotation device) has not yet been designed. very well Not even the usa Seacoast Guard was a certain one-stop, end-all and be-all authority.

Further, I found that with a particular life jacket “endorsed” as “U. S. Coast Shield Approved” comes an fastened “Think Safe” pamphlet. The pamphlet is an important component of the validation. When I bought my daughter’s Puddle Jumper We had not really read the pamphlet.

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