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Island Hopping From Boracay

When ever you attend Boracay, you have to know that it isn’t the only island you can visit. Nearby islands are similarly abundant in sights and wonders that will take you closer to mother nature. If you would like to further enhance your vacation, island jumping should participate in your Boracay set of activities. lapu lapu island hopping

Crocodile Tropical isle and Laurel Island

Simply 15 minutes away by boat from Boracay’s white beach are 2 famous diving spots. Crocodile and Laurel Islands both contain a diverse marine life, consisting of schools of Gorgorian fan corals, sea dogs, cuttlefish, moray eels, scorpion fish, lion fish, and nudibranch among others. These types of sites are accessible to both novice and expert divers. 

The magnificent marine environments allow you to see creatures up close, at depths that range from 5 to twenty metres. After diving, you might decide to explore a little baseball bat cave in Laurel. Have pictures of the island’s various historical sculptures and revel in the landscape from its highest taking a look at point.

Carabao Tropical isle

Carabao Island is said to be “the next Boracay. ” Often known as the town of San Jose, Carabao Island is part of Romblon. Still unspoiled by tourism it has the same crystalline waters and white sand beaches. In the event that you want to run away the loud partying of Boracay, Carabao Island is merely a short boat trip away. Aside from the relaxing atmosphere, you will find in Carabao Tropical isle mystical caves that you can explore. The island has resorts that accommodate to individuals, partners, and families as well.

Batbatan and Mararison

You can also island hop to Batbatan and Mararison. Mararison is 4 kilometers away from town of Culasi in Antique while Batbatan is 8 kilometers away from Mararison. First go to Mararison then island hop to Batbatan. Even though both islands also offer tourists dive sites, these are inferior to Stands out as the and Laurel Islands.

What these two have to offer is the isolation one won’t comes from Boracay. Mararison and Batbatan have long white shorelines as well, but apart from just basking under the sun, you may comb the beach for whatever prize the tide might bring, or make an hard work to spear fish with the locals. Batbatan has natural coves that assure even more quiet time for you.

Nogas Tropical isle

If you are a lover of birds, go to Nogas Island, that can be reached from the town of Anini-y in Vintage. The island holds a various variety of chicken species so take your camera and enjoy the birds’ styles. The island is also considered to be a botanist’s delight numerous types of vines, wild woods, and shrubs. Go walking the island and be truly one with mother nature.


Next hop is to the Gigantes or Giant Islands, which are the two biggest among a group of islets near Boracay. These are the only ones lived in. Gigantes North Island has a 1-kilometer stretch of pure white sand in a cove on the south part of the islet. At the centre of the islet are two incredibly large caverns to can go spelunking. Because this islet is hardly developed, it will be possible to rent small cottages for only Php 80 to 150. On the other hand, Gigantes South is home to many types of frogs and geckos that are famous worldwide.


Last but not the least is the Island of Maniguin located south of Boracay. Well-known to locals as Maningning, the island is also referred to as Hammerhead Island. The trip takes 2 to 3 hours from Boracay on a speedboat. Due to its profound waters, the place is regularly visited by large pelagic species of carton, tuna, napoleon wrasse, frogs, barracudas, and of course, hammerhead sharks. The spot is simply perfect for snorkeling. Should you be lucky, you might even see dolphins.

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