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Is a Song the Best Way of Memorizing? Yes, This is the Best Means For Verbal Coding of Human Speech!

Tracks constitute a valuable part of the oral custom because they have remained through generations almost untouched. A song was always a kind of strategy, which helped people to transmit information from a single era to another. But what makes it songs have outlived the generations of men and women and remained unchanged? new hip hop songs download on olagist

The secret of songs may be revealed if you attempt to fix a song into the written form (the text of lyrics and music notes). The written form can help us to assess the structure of a live song. But looking at the text of lyrics and music records you can only imagine about aspects worth considering which make this track a special musical structure. 

What is the between the written form and a live song?

The written form lacks the info related to the singer’s voice, as well as the information about the manner of sound creation, visual information that comes with the act of vocal singing and other aspects of information — all of these make people experience the unique impression produced by this song. Basically the written form seems to lose a significant and very important part of a song, which helps people to perceive and remember the song.

The reality of showing the composition can lead us to consider a song as a way for verbal coding of human speech. Let’s look closely at the description of coding.

The code is the arrangement of loosely linked (or not connected) elements of information into a total system. Every elements are collected along into some system and become organized by the rules of this system.

Now, let us look through the properties of the conception of your music.

1. A song has the visual structure of any text (the structure of lyrics). The text of lyrics has several stanzas and a repeated control yourself. The amount of stanzas usually differs from 2 to 5. Each stanza has certain number of lines and the lengths of lines being in corresponding positions are equal.

Thus I could conclude that a tune has repeating cyclic framework. This will be significant! Since the small structure of the song can be observed, recognized and memorized visually.

installment obligations on your The pregnancy of a song includes rhyme, rhythm and a melody. In fact, these three features produce a song and constitute the rules of coding of the information in a particular song.

3. Another very important component of a song is a storyline. The plot is often written in a radical language, combining images, similes and words that signify mood, psychological atmosphere and colours to reflect the changes in the singer’s interpretation. The changes are generally psychological and emotional and sometimes characterize the national way of behavior and thinking. The plot is inseparably linked to the composition of a song text message. Usually, when I try to recall some instance of any particular track, I’m scrolling the fictional scenes succeeding the other person in my mind.

Now you can plainly notice that the conception of a song complies with the definition of the code. All aspects of a music — rhyme, rhythm, a melody, the structure of lyrics, the plot are collected together and make up a song, which anyone may easily perceive.

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