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How to Have a Photo Contest on Facebook

Picture contests are a great way for your enthusiasts to get more included and excited about your page. Additionally it is a great opportunity for your individuals to tell their friends all about you. Now i am going to teach you the same tactics I used and how my off-line business went from thirty-three Facebook fans to 533 Facebook fans in simply a few short weeks without having to shell away a dime on advertising. buy facebook contest votes

1 ) Create Media hype Through Great Prizes

Mainly because photography contests require a little bit more work on the participants’ part, there has to be more value in it in order for them to enter something they might not exactly to get. Typically a $50 minimal value is required. 

2. Limited Time period

Have the contest last no more than one week. If is actually too much time, people become tired with it. In the past I’ve had the same contest running for a few weeks in a line, giving away the same items each week. That started really slow with only one photography distribution and about 10 electoral votes. In the weeks since i was getting on average 6 image syndication per week with some over 100 votes!

3. Have Multiple Prizes

You can either have one new winner every week and a grand prize for the final week, or you can have an one-week contest with multiple prizes for participants. We have used both. The the one which got the best results was picking one champion each week, then offering a grand prize to the winner with the most “likes” after the complete contest was over.

4. Simple to Enter

A simple way to do this is to permit the ability of your fans to post photographs directly to your page’s wall. You will need to monitor your web site to be certain no followers post anything you may well not want on your web page. When you plainly cause out the guidelines beforehand, you shouldn’t have any problems.

5. Make it Good

Instead of basing the image contest on similar to “most creative” or “most artistic” where is actually right down to a judge’s have your say, base the contest on the most “likes”. An additional benefit for this is that for anyone to vote on it or “like” a photography on your page they first need to join your page. If you have a great prize, your followers begins spreading the word about your match.


This is easily one of the cheapest and most fun methods for getting new followers and tourists your Facebook page. And best of all, it can easy! Why wait? Begin your own Facebook photography contest today and allow us know how it passed leaving a statement on this awesome article.

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