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Creating a Culture of Accountability

Air-ports are great places to get surprised and meet some wonderful people. During few occasions, I happen to meet few celebs, politicians, my former co-workers and bosses and sometimes I chanced after few people who are linked with me on Sociable Media, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. That day while I was vacationing from Pune to Delhi through Spicejet (SG 184), I happened to meet Mihir Jaitley – the CEO of a leading multi-billion USD Automobile Conglomerate. Earlier I had achieved Mihir during few NHRDN and other leadership workshops and conclaves. However, getting a chance to discuss to someone, who is as influential and successful businessman, as Mihir in an one-on-one conversation at an airport is an extremely different experience than asking them a question during management conclaves. I was not very sure if My spouse and i should go and say, “Hello” to him or maybe let this opportunity go. Missing such an opportunity might have been very idiotic in the part. Thus, I gathered all my courage and walked towards him. Balmain

“Hello Sir, My spouse and i is Sanjeev. I possess noticed you and met you during few leadership réunion. Last, I heard you were in NHRDN assemblée in Mumbai during 2014”, I said. 

We increased our arms for a warm handshake.

“Hey, Sanjeev, it is nice conference you. How are you”, he asked.

“I was good, Sir. Thank you. It is absolutely nice to see you here”, I actually responded.

“Sir, you have unique ideas about how precisely AN HOUR can contribute to the regarding an organization. Incredibly unique from all other business leaders”, I continued.

“Thank you, Sanjeev. Where do you turn? ” this individual enquired.

“Sir, I work as Independent Management Expert for last 1 ) 5 years. I help start-up ventures; small and mid-size organizations in setting up up HR Processes & Procedures, as well as helping them increase the performance of their employees. My spouse and i also help organizations in preparing and grooming their new managers and training leaders for bigger tasks. Before this, I have worked for 15 years with few organizations across India and outside of India”, I gave comprehensive reply while extending my business card to him.

“That’s breathtaking. I like the phrase that you used in your information, “help”. Consultants don’t give free help. They demand a lot of money”, he replied with a sarcastic smile on his face, while extending his business card.

“Do you think anything can be done to increase the responsibility of managers and frontrunners in an organizational installation? Have you done whatever in those lines”, this individual asked curiously.

As we were discussing, Spicejet personnel made an announcement for boarding the routine.

“Sir, poor accountability is not a concern of one firm or an industry. This is there in all industries. I think the main problem is not with managers or leaders but the way accountability has been defined. By description, it appears like an make an effort to fix the fault for an inability or crisis rather than offering an empowerment to worried leaders to find a solution. In terms of fixing the blame, many leaders are likely to surge it off”, I gave an empathetic reply.

“Yes, We have helped few organizations in making their market leaders more accountable. I am delighted to help that you too, if I get a chance to meet you again and describe the process”, I continued.

“Well, We just asked you this out of curiosity. All of us don’t have any such injury in our corporation. However, I would like for more information about it. For next 2 weeks, I will be journeying out to other office buildings. I will give you a call after that. Let’s meet sometime”, My spouse and i responded.

“Sure Sir. My spouse and i will look forward to meeting you again. It can been nice meeting you”, I told,? nternet site picked my laptop tote to board the planes.

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