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Chandigarh – The Beautiful Garden City of Northern India

Touring to India? Welcome to metropolis of gardens – Chandigarh – states capital and an Union Territory*. Chandigarh, designed by the famous architect Le Corbusier, is a rare type of a seamless combination of modernisation and the nature’s preservation. Apparently it is the only city where the two totally opposite concepts – peace of mind and city – come together to increase the beauty of the city. ginger farming techniques

Woods and plants are an equal area of the construction programs as the buildings and roads. Staying in touch to their name of ‘The Town Beautiful’ country’s first designed city, built in 1953, is a rich, productive, spic and span, inexperienced city which boasts of various gardens and theme parks that not only improve the greens of metropolis but also helps in keeping the pollution levels in check. 

Some of the best and famous landscapes in Chandigarh are as follows. These gardens are a must visit for anyone and everybody.

you. Rose Garden

Zakir Pink Garden, Asia’s major flower garden, is spread across area of 30 quadrat and boasts of 60, 000 rose-bushes with 1600 types of roses planted in a beautifully carved away lawns and flower bed frames. ‘Smell the roses’ is an apt description of what you can do here. In fact the collection includes not only natural varieties but also many hybrid varieties grown through tissue culture. And some of them are rare different types of rose. Wonderfully manicured lawns with the heady fragrance of carnations make it a great area for picnic or passionate getaway for the lovers. The garden was organized and conceived in 1967 under the expert assistance of Dr M H Randhawa because of his prolific interest in garden and fondness for blossoms and it is named after India’s president Zakir Hussain. The best time to visit this garden is between February and March. The famous Rose festival is celebrated here with a great pomp and show either in February end or beginning of Mar. It is touted among the biggest celebrations in metropolis and more than 20, 000 people visit this festival.

2. Pinjore gardens

Often known as Yadavindra home gardens, Pinjore gardens lies on the foothills of lower Shivalik ranges and is 20 kilometres from Chandigarh and 15 kilometres from Panchkula. One of the most popular and exciting Mughal gardens creates a perfect picnic spot with manicured lawns and the weekends are the best time for you to visit these home gardens as the fountains are started up and the lights reflecting on the palaces the beautiful picture.

The gardens boasts of flagged pathways running towards the outer reaches of the creeper covered wall structure and various trees like Palm, mango, shapely cypresses, and dense groves of trees give a secret look to your garden. The garden was designed by Nawab Fadia Khan – foster brother of Aurangazeb the Mughal chief – and kept the design on vintage Charbagh pattern with a normal water body in the centre. Following the death of Fadia Khan the garden was neglected before the Maharaja of Patiala (Punjab) Yadavindra Singh restored the backyards to its present fame hence the name Yadavindra gardens.

3. Garden of scent

Chandigarh’s garden of fragrance is a must visit garden of the location and is located at the southern side of Hibiscus garden in sector 36. Famous for it is distinctive aromatic and aromatic plants, the garden has of plants like damask rose, Queen of the night, Motia, Champa, Haar Shingar, Hennaand varieties of Jasmine. Owing to the fragrant plants and golf course manicured lawns the garden of fragrance is a fabulous picnic spot. You will find tracks for the fitness freaks to enjoy their walks or daily routines.

4. Chandigarh Bougainvillea Recreation area

Chandigarh Bougainvillea Park, commemorated for its colour and beauty, the variety of bougainvillea, attracts tourists from nationwide and world. The garden brags about sixty-five different types of bougainvillea in various hues and colours which is a mesmerising sight. Situated in sector 3 Chandigarh, the park was first opened up to the public in 1976 and has recently been captivating the tourists’ attention since that time. Beautifully enshrouding the bowers, arches, pavilions, and arcades are creepers complete area in the area. The celebrated bougainvillea show is organised here to celebrate the sweetness and variety of bougainvillea.

Enthralling the visitors since it was first opened to the public the park is a pride of Chandigarh.

5. Terraced flower landscapes

Located in the sector 33, Chandigarh — the terrace garden was arranged up in 1979 covering up the area of 15 acres. Lighted musical water fountain is the key attraction of this garden. The popular gross annual Chrysanthemum show is held here. Which includes exquisite types of flowering plants the atmosphere is tranquil and residents are often visit this page to enjoy the cool breeze also to feast their eyes on the surrounding beauty.

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