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Buying the Perfect Boat

What makes it, that when you are looking to buy a boat, you can never find the one which suits your needs? This kind of is what occurs many people yearly specifically to ourselves. It’s exactly like buying a house. When you are selling, it is a buyer’s market then when you are buying it is just a seller’s market! This season my spouce and i decided that it was time to buy our first boat. lapu lapu island hopping

We’ve got been boating with our friends on their Bayliner for many years. They will pay for the fishing boat expenses and bring the food and drink in exchange. Not just a bad offer we figured, until we got the boat insect ourselves. Now we want to own our own boat. After six years of boating and as many seasons of vessel shows, we decided to take a boating course. So a couple of winters ago, we agreed upon up for an extremely lengthy boating course of 16 weeks. We made a decision that firstly we desired to be safe paddle boaters and secondly the reason for writing this is to protect our very expensive boat investment when the time came. 

Week after week of classes, lesson after lesson of plotting and tying knots came and went and finally it was a chance to graduate and try our luck at boating using this new found knowledge. We decided first to try out our knowledge on our friends’ motorboat, but uncovered that was like having two chefs in the same kitchen. Things don’t really run as smoothly as one would really like. Tie a knot. Have someone retie it for you! Hang the fenders over the aspect. Have someone reposition them! So after several week-ends of unsuccessful attempts, the decision was made to buy our own vessel at some point where we could tie our personal brand of knot and take notice of the channel markers the way there were been educated!

So we started to look. What happened to any or all the “For Sale” indicators that we had seen only weeks before in every marina that we cruised past? Where were all those perfect vessels that we had seen in every cove and tied up to each dock? They were no where you can be found. Finally after perusing the voile magazines and journals, speaking to several boat broker agents and searching many internet boats for sale sites, we found what we considered to be the perfect boat for all of us – right in our own backyard. Just five minutes from your home there is located a marina with plenty of power boats. A year ago there were many for sale. But since good luck would have it, i was not looking then. This coming year, there were fewer boats available for sale. But on this one particular early morning as we drove through the marina parking great deal, we spied the perfect boat. We hopped away of the car and walked over to take a closer look. The boat had been chosen up of the drinking water, so i was able to look it over from all sides including the bottom.

The info that was posted near the boat looked very appealing. Just the right duration. Just the right age group. We had already decided that the boat make was good quality. An blow up dinghy with motor and seawise electric lifting system was also included. The boat also a new GPS and all the trimmings. Nevertheless the price, could it be correct? That seemed a lttle bit low in this particular yacht. You suspected it! The twin engine was gas, not diesel engine. This was the reason for the excellent price.

We thought that we had found the perfect boat! Actually we experienced except for one expensive item. For those of you who own your own boat, you can related to the expenditure of your gas engine luxury yacht. Gas engines are fast and great for snow skiing and lake touring in small boats, but on the ocean and in a sizable yacht, the charge can be prohibitive. (Note: Just lately diesel prices and gas prices have moved nearer together. )

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