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Buying a Plastic Welder

First of all you have to ask some questions.

1. What will I be using the welder for?
2. How much do We want to spend on one?
3. How much difficulty is it to learn how to work with it?

Now that you have answered the questions, start looking at plastic welders. The cheapest way to solve broken clear plastic parts is by using epoxy. It is straightforward to find and cheap, but I haven’t had any luck with using epoxy glues on plastic. The odor and after time the epoxy will blemish and chip. Sometimes not even support the part along at all. more

Which means this is where the plastic welder comes in. There are a few options to choose from. We will start out with the least expensive and go up. 

A great AIRLESS PLASTIC WELDER with no temperature control. I have discovered these to be dependable, but you will be restricted to what you can weld with them, dew that you can not control the heat.

Next is the AIRLESS PLASTIC WELDER with temperature control
Now these welders are great (little to no experience needed after having a few times using this unit. I was able to repair whatever that came along, with no problem. } And because you can control the heat, this allows you to manage to welds many different types of plastics.

With these kind of welders you have to be more experienced than with the airless ones. You have to have an air source, unless you if you buy one with its own air source. When you temperature the parts that are broken, you have to heat both base materials and the rod all at the same time. If you get any of the parts too hot, they could burn or burn.

More for company’s that can find the money for this type of welder. Not for the do-it-yourself people out there. Because of to the how much an ultrasonic plastic welder costs.

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