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Advice on Using 10 10 Long Distance Services

Many 10 long distance services (dial-arounds) commence with the numbers 10-10 followed by a three-digit access code (10-10-XXX). Some use other combinations such as 10 to 15 or 10-16 followed by a three-digit access code. 10 long distance services require the employment of these access codes together with the recovery of the number you are dialing. For example: Long Distance Moving Company

10-10-XXX + 011 & country code + city code + phone quantity

Using a 10 long distance service allows you to bypass or “dial-around” your selected long distance carrier and use another long distance carrier that offers cheaper rates than your regular plan in some cases. Some 12 long distance rates are as good as or better than calling plan rates. Charges by using 10 long distance services appear on your regular monthly bill. 

Become a savvy buyer if you plan to utilize a 10 long distance service. Consumer-oriented Internet sites and publications can help you determine whether a particular dial-around amount is available in your neighborhood, and whether a 10 long distance service is right for you.

Before by using a 10 long distance company, ask the following questions:

Do any flat fees or regular monthly charges apply?

Exactly what the per-minute rates?

What are the every call minimum charges?

Happen to be any charges for national or state programs added?

A lot of these plans frequently have monthly charges and/or minimum per call charges too. Also, you always have taxes and FCC surcharges that are added on to your bill. These charges can really add together. Especially, if you make a great deal of long distance calling monthly. Long distance companies like AT&T, Tel3LD & MCI often have much more competitive rates nowadays. Especially, if you need to make international phone calls. So, make sure and compare rates before by using a 10 long distance service.

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